A design paradise.

Active retirement community.

Arthouse vacation spot.

Outdoor mecca.

We're pulling out all the stops to make Batulao Artscapes a design-driven haven for Active, Meditative, Festive, and Creative people from all walks of life.

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We all know we need to get off the couch and outside more. It helps if your couch is just a few feet away from an incredible selection of activities and outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or the most ardent couch potato, there’s always something fun to get you moving!

Bike Trail

Designed by a leading local sports brand and die-hard bike enthusiasts, this compact yet challenging bike trail will be endless fun for bikers of all skills, shapes, and sizes.

Mt. Batulao Hiking Trail

Take a hike through Batulao’s hiking trail, carved out for those who need a peaceful trek with a breathtaking view with every step.

Sports Park

Rally your friends and family at the Sports Park - complete with support facilities, amphitheatre, and a multipurpose field for football, baseball, frisbee, kite flying, and so much more.

Man-made Beach
with Clubhouse

Fronting the lake and surrounded by hotel villas will be a pristine beach with white sand and sunbeds. At approximately 2,800 sqm it’ll be a tranquil spot to swim, relax, and catch the sun for guests and residents of select villages.

Artventure Park

Kids love to play and interact with the outdoors; with the theme park and maze they can use up all their energies running, climbing, and thinking their way through the grounds of the Artventure Park! Best of all, kids and kids-at-heart can get up close and personal with nature at the Artventure Park’s glamping pavilions, with a central courtyard for exciting school activities and weekend adventures from sunup to sundown.


Sometimes the only way to truly find yourself is to exchange the hustle of city life with the welcome ease of the countryside. At Batulao Artscapes, the generous open spaces and amenities combine to provide an atmosphere of true calm and restfulness.

Man-made Lake

We’re expanding Batulao’s natural water grounds into a 7,500 sqm lake, perfect for stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, boating and other water activities.


We are a festive people - we wouldn’t have more than 1200 fiestas nationwide if we weren’t! We love to eat, play, celebrate, and spend time with other people in our community – it’s just who we are. This same festive spirit informs the design of the parks and facilities at Batualo Artscapes.

Flavor Park for farm-to-table
and fresh F&B concepts

Lively shops and restaurants provide an array of interesting food and shopping choices. Come on, it’s the Philippines – you can’t have a major destination without a fun retail strip!


Art is everyone’s language. Whether it’s doodling, painting, filmmaking, or the performing arts, we love human creativity in all its forms. The artistic experience is so fundamental to Batulao Artscapes, we’re building museums, art and theme parks, and other facilities that push the creative realm. Artists and art-lovers are welcome, one and all. This is your home and your haven.

A sprawling Art Park for outdoor
sculptures and pavilions

We’re building four major museums outside of Metro Manila, a collection of cutting-edge facilities dedicated to the visual and performing arts, with residencies, international exhibits, and private collections for residents and guests to enjoy alike.

Revolution Museums

Four (4) museum structures created by 4 world-renowned Pritzker Prize award-winning Architects



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