Here Are Vacation Homes That You Can Be Proud Of

Batulao Artscapes is an expansive artventure community – a livable art park with designer homes and world-class vacation amenities.

Here Are Vacation Homes That You Can Be Proud Of

Filipinos are known to be some of the most talented and innovative people in the world. In every field, there’s bound to be a Filipino blazing a trail and making the country proud in the process. The architecture and design industry is no exception – and a new crop of talent is pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking works that have a distinct Filipino ingenuity and creativity.

This inspired Century Properties, a proudly Filipino company, in collaboration with Revolution Precrafted, to partner with industry-leading Filipino architects and designers. This partnership created limited edition, awe-inspiring homes soon to rise in a vacation residential community aptly named Batulao Artscapes.

  • Kenneth Cobonpue
  • Eduardo Calma
  • Budji Layug and Royal Pineda for BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design

Batulao Artscapes: A Haven for Filipino Ingenuity and Creativity

Dubbed as the “World’s First Livable Art Park”, Batulao Artscapes celebrates the talent of world-renowned and award-winning Filipino designers. Envisioned to be a community with a stunning collection of designer vacation homes, Batulao Artscapes is poised to be an expansive “artventure” community and a master-planned development in the heart of Batulao, Batangas. The works of these four award winning Filipino architects and designers will soon be showcased in this unique enclave – claiming their rightful place among homes and museums designed by the world’s most celebrated design minds such as Jean Nouvel (The Louvre Abu Dhabi), Kenzo Tange (Tokyo Olympic Arena), and Daphne Guinness.

Internationally-acclaimed Cebuano furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue masterfully integrates nature into his designs. The Hedera home features greenery that adds a soft touch to the façade, and blends seamlessly into Batulao’s natural foliage.

A multi-awarded architect, Eduardo Calma is known for designing luxurious homes in upscale

communities in the Philippines. Polygonal Successions take inspiration from repetitive patterns found in nature, like the leaves in plants, fractal patterns on a turtle shell or snakeskin.

BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design is a collaboration between Budji Layug, Principal Designer+Chairman and Royal Pineda. Known for distinct, responsive design and practical construction methods, Budji and Royal are always challenged by creating modern interpretations of the local cultural identity, and fusing indigenous materials with artisanal methods.

Taking into account the continuous evolution of one’s lifestyle, BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design created two home models that offers ease of configurability depending on the needs of the end user.

Choose Your Home

Each home offers a different feel and reflects the distinct personality and touch of the designer. From the nature-inspired walls of the Hedera home, to the modern facade of Polygonal Successions, and to the adaptability of Tranche and Facet homes, there is a design suited to one’s personality and lifestyle.


Already a popular location for the urban dwellers wanting to escape the city during weekends, there’s a lot to do in this part of the Philippines. Everything is within reach from the main towns, to the beaches of Batangas, to the beautiful vista of Taal Lake, as well as delectable local restaurants. Just an hour and a half to two hours away from the metro and accessible via the Tagaytay-Nasugbu National Highway, one can take the extra mile, literally, to see a preview of this design-driven paradise.

Model Show Homes Onsite

The Batulao Artscapes sales center is open all days of the week to welcome visitors interested to talk about getting their own dream designer home.


Escape for a day or a lifetime! Visit www.batulaoartscapes.com or click here to learn more about the world’s first livable art park.

DISCLAIMER: The images and details show herein are intended for illustration purposes only. While the information is based on present plans, which have been created with great care and effort, the developers reserve the right to change any and all products, proposed project features, amenities, prices and terms without prior notice. It is then recommended that the client confirm their accuracy and subsequent changes, if any. Further, the client holds the developers free from any legal and financial claims resulting from the information contained herein.

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