Batulao Artscapes is unlike any other outdoor art parks and museums. This space is a celebration of art & design as well as a significant gathering of artists, designers, and architects from local and international talents that is made available to live in for generations to come. Batulao Artscapes’ livable component goes beyond being surrounded by art as it delivers unique pavilions and homes that are works of art. This makes it “the world’s first livable art park”.
Batulao Artscapes is located south of Metro Manila in Barangay Kaylaway, Nasugbu Batangas, along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu major highway.
Batulao Artscapes is set to rise on a total of one hundred and forty two (142) hectare landscape with rolling terrains, lush surroundings, and cool climate. We are developing the first thirty six (36) hectares of this land.
With its close proximity to the tourist town of Tagaytay and the beaches of Nasugbu, Batulao Artscapes enjoys the best of both worlds - sitting right in the middle of a mountain and the beach. It is around 80 km from Metro Manila, 2-hour drive via Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, and just 20 minutes away from Tagaytay.
Via SLEX-Southwoods/Carmona/Santa Rosa/Eton City Exit to Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road going to Batulao
Via DAANG-HARI Cavite to Ternate to Nasugbu-Kaybiang Tunnel going to Batulao
Via CAVITEX-Marigondon then Nasugbu-Tagaytay Road going to Batulao
Via STAR TOLL-Tanauan Exit to Talisay-Tagaytay Road and Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road going to Batulao
Revolution Precrafted is a collection of limited edition, pre-crafted properties, including homes and pavilions, introduced by Robbie Antonio, who is known for bringing in celebrity-branded developments. The project unites over 60 of the world’s top designers and architects to create an exclusive series of precrafted, livable spaces. With a network of cutting-edge technologies and cost-efficient productions systems, Revolution Precrafted is democratizing high-design and architecture by introducing designed spaces in exclusive collaboration with industry leading creatives.
Century Properties has partnered with this industry innovator to create homes that have only existed in the confines of ones dreams. Each unit features unique designs and amenities imagined by acclaimed local and international designers and brought to life with Revolution Precrafted. Revolution Precrafted will be supplying designer homes, hotel villas, amenity spaces, retail pop-up shops, museums, and pavilions for the development
1. Eduardo Calma
2. Kenneth Cobonpue
3. Budji + Royal Architecture and Design

*Please check Century Online for updates.
Batulao Artscapes unit options may share a similar set of designers/architects in Revolution Precrafted’s roster of homes. However, Revolution Precrafted prepared a specific set of units with deliverables in line with the design brief, masterplan, and overall landscaping specifically for Batulao Artscapes.

Developer: Century Limitless Corporation – a subsidiary of Century Properties Group

Builder: Revolution Precrafted

Century Properties is one of the largest real estate developers in the Philippines. Century Properties is a publicly-listed company using the ticker “CPG”. CPG’s pioneering real estate concepts and industry firsts have resulted in some of the most exciting and truly remarkable real estate projects in the country.

Established in 1986 by Chairman/CEO Jose E.B. Antonio, just 6 days before the EDSA People Power Revolution, CPG has grown to become one of the top 5 Philippine real estate firms, with offices worldwide. CPG’s projects have garnered both local and international praise and recognition, redefining Philippine real estate and setting the bar high in terms of architecture, design, amenities, and community living.

Essensa East Forbes – Essensa East Forbes in Taguig continues to be the standard by which ultra-luxury developments are measured more than a decade after its completion. We worked with Pei, Cobb, and Freed for this iconic project.

Century City – A 3.4-hectare flagship master-planned development in Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City is home to premier estate projects

  • The Gramercy Residences – one of the newest high-profile residential structures in the Philippines and is also the first fully-furnished, hyper-amenitized, and fully-technologized condominium in the country.
  • The Knightsbridge Residences – We took inspiration from the posh London district of the same name for this architecturally-distinct structure that will have eight levels of dramatic floor-to-ceiling lantern-type glass windows and white gold Bisazza tiles for its pool area.
  • The Milano Residences – The 57-storey Milano is one of only five properties worldwide to be interior-designed by Versace Home, the interior design arm of the famed Italian fashion house.
  • Trump Tower – is a $150-million structure found in the Philippines’ financial and economic hub. It is a partnership with New York’s Trump Organization, the name behind the world’s finest luxury residential towers. It is the first Trump structure in the country.
  • Century Spire – Century Properties partners with names known equally for their passion for creativity come together for this iconic project—top New York architect Daniel Libeskind and Giorgio Armani’s Armani/Casa.
  • Century City Mall – Our first foray into retail development is a five-level architectural wonder done by no less than the award-winning Broadway Malyan.
  • Centuria Medical Makati – Our world-class outpatient medical arts facility that is grounded on a strong IT platform is home to more than 500 doctors’ clinics, BPO and KPO offices.

Acqua Private Residences – This master planned development is a pioneering riverfront residential development. Acqua is a tropical rainforest-inspired project by the Pasig River that has its six towers named after the world’s most famous waterfalls.

Commonwealth by Century – Reshaping the Quezon City skyline is this masterplan of “uncommon” living spaces. This 4.4-hectare development is unparalleled in the historic city.

Azure Urban Resort Residences – The first Azure development is a six-hectare, nine-building development transports the resort experience right in the middle of a bustling city. With a sprawling man-made beach and the iconic Paris Beach Club designed by international style icon Paris Hilton, it is one of the most exciting residential developments to rise in Metro Manila.

For amenities and common areas: NS Mangio & Associates both as Masterplanner and Architectural.

A.C Ong and Forspacc

A.C Ong - Since its founding in 2002, has earned a reputation as one of the country’s leading Structural Engineering and Project Management firm, providing consulting services to the infrastructure development and construction industry. The company numbers over 200 technical, project and administrative staff, located in our Makati City head office and other project offices in the Philippines. They have projects spanning from office, residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, industrial and manufacturing projects to roads, bridges and ports. ACO believes that quality client service goes beyond technical excellence. It includes responsiveness to client needs, value for reasonable fees and a caring attitude. They focus on delivering excellent service and exceptional value to their clients.

Forspacc - Forsspac is a leading construction industry Engineering and Architectural services provider. Their principal interests are in: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEPF) Design Testing & Commissioning Management 3D Modeling (BIM) Architectural & Structural Services. This end to end approach is unique in the industry. They are an innovative company with passion for driving forward the integration of all services from concept to handover, rapidly expanding their international client base through their offices in Australia, USA, UK and Malaysia.

Property management: Century Properties Management Inc (CPMI)

Leasing management: Siglo Suites Inc.

Siglo Suites and others to be accredited by PMO to ensure compliance with RESA Law (R.A. 9646)

There are four (4) key lifestyle components in the creation of Batulao Artscapes’ masterplan. ACTIVE which represents adventure such as sports and outdoor activities; MEDITATIVE covering all spa, health, and wellness facilities; FESTIVE highlighting food concepts, festivities, and themed celebrations; and CREATIVE featuring art and design in all designer homes, art park, pavilions, and museums.

ACTIVE Man-Made Beach for swimming
Sports and Wellness Park
MEDITATIVE Man-Made Lake for Paddle Boarding
Clubhouse for yoga, spa & wellness
Lots of open parks
FESTIVE Flavor Park for fresh F&B concepts
Museum of Performing Arts for M.I.C.E.
Floating Chapel
CREATIVE Art Park with Maze and Pavilions
Four (4) Revolution Museums

Revolution MuseumsYES - discountedYES
Artventure ParkYES - discountedYES
Sports ParkYES - discounted for venue reservations YES
or private events FREE for Century-initiated events FREE only for select events
Floating ChapelYES - discounted for venue reservations or private events FREE for holy masses YES for venue reservations or private events FREE for holy masses
Floating Chapel Congregation area can accommodate 138 pax seated. 150 to 175 pax with people standing on the side aisle.

Property Management Offices, Estate Management, Security and Safety Offices

Batulao Artscapes will be run by a dedicated staff that will provide the following services:

  • Property and Lease Management
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Electrical and Common Areas Maintenance
  • 24/7 Safety and Security Systems
  • Optional Concierge Services

Batulao Artscapes is envisioned to become a vacation destination and a vibrant, active retirement community. With this in mind, we designed a place to have the following conveniences available at reasonable rates:

  • Centuria Medical Urgent Care with Ambulance – a dedicated medical facility for your urgent health needs
  • Transport Hub – to assist in transportation in and out of Batulao Artscapes; lay by for bus stops; roving e-jeeps

Living in Batulao Artscapes means living assured of your family’s safety and security. The units are structurally sound, adhering to the best practices in construction, and meets the prescribed safety requirements. Safety and security features at Batulao Artscapes include:

  • Ample 24/7 Security
  • Police Station and Fire Station
  • Entrance Gate with Guard House and Car Barrier for All Villages
  • Well-lit Pedestrian Walkways
  • PWD Ramps
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Well-lit Parking Areas and Roads
  • CCTV System covering important points of security
  • Smoke Detector, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishers for common areas
  • Electrical Panel Board with provision for transfer switch for generator
  • Emergency Back-Up Generator for select common areas
  • Efficient Garbage Collection System
  • Storm Drainage System
  • Waste Water Treatment

Commune 1

Each village have their own amenity with pavilion playground

Mini clubhouse (function room, toilet, back-of-house, outdoor grille)

Swimming pool

Landscaped areas

Commune 2
Curated by Revolution

Each village will have its own perimeter fences, gate and guardhouse and CCTV system.

Yes. All private vehicles will need to be registered and issued village car stickers for proper tagging and monitoring. Duly registered residents/tenants will also be given proximity cards for access in amenities.

YES but only domesticated pets.

If you’re a foreign national and/or a former Filipino citizen aged 35 years old and above, Century Properties can help you gain permanent residence in the Philippines by assisting you in your application for a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) through the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA). Your deposit can stay with PRA or be applied toward your purchase of an accredited real estate project in the Philippines. Batulao Artscapes will be an accredited project of PRA.

Although Century can take you through the process of this application in the most convenient way, we do not guarantee approvals from the PRA. This SRRV Process will be spearheaded by the CWS Group. Your SRRV capital investment will be credited as part of Batulao Artscapes unit purchase.

Transportation assistance will be provided to and from Batulao Artscapes from its dedicated lounge in Century City Makati.

As-built plans, Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) for the home, Master Deed, Turnover Kit
Batulao Artscapes provides freehold or perpetual type of ownership over the designer units to the buyers. Both Filipinos and foreign buyers, in general, can entirely own the condominium unit.
Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) is issued to owners who are purchasers of a condominium unit. Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT), on the other hand, is issued to owners who are purchasers of a piece of land. Both represent best proof of ownership over a real property to which they serve. The Philippine real estate law, in general, allows natural born Filipino citizens to own properties but prohibits foreign individuals to own a piece of land.

Foreign individuals, however, are allowed to purchase and own a condominium unit in the Philippines and register the unit solely under their name. Batulao Artscapes is a special development as it’s a horizontal type of condominium unit where foreign individuals can purchase a designer home under their name as evidenced by a CCT. Although ownership under a CCT pertains to the condominium unit or home, the lawn and individual lot where the condominium stands is protected under the Exclusive Use/Rights of the lawful owner. This empowers both Filipinos and foreign individuals to invest on this limited edition, design-driven vacation home nestled in an active retirement community. Think of Batulao Artscapes as a one-storey building, with the streets as your hallways.

The HOA (Homeowners Association) consists of homeowners within the development that comprise the Condominium Corporation (or Condo Corp) who are all legally entitled to have a voice in programs and policies that aim to protect the integrity and overall wellness of the community. Homeowners Association Dues (HOA dues), on the other hand, are monthly dues being billed to each resident for the overall maintenance of the property areas under the Condo Corp. HOA dues are computed on a per square meter basis depending on the size of one’s unit. Residents have the legal obligation to share in the HOA dues to help maintain the development. However, if a resident fails to comply, his/her entitlement to vote will be null and void and he/she will be banned from accessing the amenities. Residents/unit owners are encouraged to fulfill their share in a collective effort to protect their property’s value.

In Batulao Artscapes the Condominium Corporation owns and will be responsible for the upkeep of the central amenity area, village exclusive amenities, and common roads. This covers the Man-Made Beach, Man-Made Lake, Clubhouse, Open Parks in the Villages, Floating Chapel, and common roads.

Batulao Artscapes Condominium Corporation shall be the holder of the title to the common areas, including the land, or the appurtenant interest in such areas (Sec. 2, R.A. 4726). Such condominium corporation is an artificial being which has a lifespan of fifty (50) years from the date of incorporation, and its lifespan may be extended or renewed for another period of fifty (50) years by a simple amendment of its articles of incorporation (Sec. 11, B.P. 68).

A corporation is an artificial being created by operation of law. It has a life of fifty (50) years from the date of incorporation, and its lifespan may be extended or renewed for another period of fifty (50) years by a simple amendment of its articles of incorporation (Secs. 2 & 11, B.P. 68). Batulao Artscapes Condominium Corporation shall be the holder of the title to the common areas, including the land, or the appurtenant interest in such areas (Sec. 2, R.A. 4726).

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DISCLAIMER: The images and details show herein are intended for illustration purposes only. While the information is based on present plans, which have been created with great care and effort, the developers reserve the right to change any and all products, proposed project features, amenities, prices and terms without prior notice. It is then recommended that the client confirm their accuracy and subsequent changes, if any. Further, the client holds the developers free from any legal and financial claims resulting from the information contained herein.

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