Tranche is a unique home model that grows and expands in tranches as it takes into account the evolution of one’s lifestyle.

Batulao Artscapes Tranche

The concept of the Tranche House is innovative modularity, offering ultimate flexibility in terms of customizing your home to satisfy your current space and financial requirements.

Batulao Artscapes Tranche

The Tranche House is a complete unit that can form part of a larger configuration if so desired, depending on owner’s preferences. Each unit represents a liveable module for a small family. The investment and expansion development happens organically in tranches. Contingent on owner’s capital on hand, one can request for additional units to be conveniently attached horizontally (right or left, front or back) or vertically (another floor) to make the house larger, wider and better.

3-story single detached unit, 4-bedroom

Usable Floor Area Approximation

168.84 Sq.m

Batulao Artscapes Budji+Royal

By Budji+Royal Architecture+Design

BUDJI+ROYAL Architecture+Design is a collaboration between Budji Layug, Principal Designer+Chairman and Royal Pineda. Known for distinct, responsive design and practical construction using various sustainable, energy-efficient materials and innovative technologies.

Budji and Royal are always challenged by creating modern interpretations of the local cultural identity, and fusing indigenous materials with artisanal methods.




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