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Batulao Artscapes is located south of Metro Manila in Barangay Kaylaway, Nasugbu Batangas, along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu major highway.

What makes the riding experience unique in Batulao? Two words: the trails and the weather. Batulao weather is something new for the mountain bikers. As you get off your car to gear up, the cool breeze will immediately hit you, to tell that you are in a cooler place.

There are three different sections in Batulao that you can explore and enjoy.

(2 kms)


"Ilat" means a small stream or river. This is the area where the mound and mango trees are. This section is both a trail section and a skill park. Expect to traverse through various berms, drop offs, rollers, table tops, log stairs, and a wooden bridge. This is an INTERMEDIATE trail with some EXPERT technical features provided.

(1.5 kms)


"Tigkal" means solid lump of earth, as in “tigkal na lupa”. Tigkal trail allows one to navigate a portion of Batulao Artscapes’ perimeter, which results to a scenic, nature-infused ride highlighting the expansive land’s natural topography.

(3.5 kms)


From the word "masukal", as in “masukal na gubat”. This trail is unique to Batulao Artscapes as it celebrates the lushness of its natural forest. Practice your biking skills with Sukal trail’s wooden bridge and a unique obstacle that requires one to duck under an existing fallen tree. This is an EASY trail with some INTERMEDIATE & EXPERT technical features provided.


Step 1

Online Registration – participants must register at Batulao Artscapes’
Website (http://www.batulaoartscapes.com/artventure-bike-trail/) and pay the required amount. Participants will be given their bike trail kits at the event venue.

Medical – all participants have the option to have themselves screened for medical clearance on-site. However, it is mandatory for each biker to sign a waiver from Batulao Artscapes.

Bikers Briefing – briefing and reminders will be delivered by a Trail expert.

Start of Trail – participants will then proceed to trail.

Step 2

While at the trail –– Bikers are expected to be extra careful at all times. Participants must exit only through the required exit of the trail and proceed to the finish line. Bikers can ride the trail as much as they want while the event in ongoing.

Guide – There will be 10 professional bikers that will be their guide as part of the organizer’s team to ensure the safety of all participants. Marshalls will also be deployed on key points to provide hydration.

Side Activities for Family - Side activities such as mini off-track bike trail for kids, food stalls, and talks will be opened during the trail event. Games for adults will also be up for guests who will not join the trail.

Step 3

Acknowledgement of Participants – all participants will be acknowledged and will receive a certificate from the Bike Trail Event.

Open Trail – Guests can continue to enjoy the trail from 12nn onwards.


a. Make sure you register. Open sunrise up to 6:00PM only.
b. Stay on trail. Respect private property.
c. Keep right. Pass on left. Warn before passing.
d. No sudden stopping for photos in blind spots.
e. No motorized vehicles.
f.No littering. No loitering.
g.No horses.
h.Dogs must be leashed. Dog owners must pick up after pets.
i.Do not alter nor remove plants or wildlife.
j.Do not leave valuables unattended.
k.You are responsible for your own safety.


ArtVenture Begins:

Century Properties to Hold First Ever Batulao Bike Trail Event

Promoting an active and outdoor lifestyle, Century Properties Group (CPG) is holding the first-ever “ArtVenture: Bike Trails at Batulao Artscapes” Bike Trail event on March May 5 and 12, 2018 at the 7-kilometer bike challenge circuit located at the Batulao Artscapes Complex in Nasugbu, Batangas. The maiden Batulao biking event is the ultimate test of agility, concentration, endurance and athleticism that will challenge beginner, intermediate and professional bikers alike, thanks to its topography, composed of rolling terrain, hills, and natural forest.

“We envisioned this event to be a worthwhile adventure for all mountain biking enthusiasts. We want to elevate the awareness and support for the sport in the Philippines by providing a venue here in Batulao Artscapes, which truly espouses artventure, or an art cum adventure lifestyle. The site’s natural landscape indeed serves as an ideal destination for adrenaline-pumping biking action,” says Century Limitless Corporation (CLC) President and COO Tim Hallett, President of Century Properties’ leisure, tourism and hospitality unit that developed Batulao Artscapes.

Dubbed “the world’s first livable art park”, Batulao Artscapes is a 142-hectare residential tourism development situated in the heart of Batangas. The project is developed by Century Properties is dubbed as “the world’s first livable art park” because of its and features limited edition, branded designer prefabricated homes and museums, designed by some of the world’s preeminent architects, designers and artists. The development is a partnership between CLC, a subsidiary of CPG, and from Revolution Precrafted, a global manufacturer and supplier of prebuilt homes and structures. Its world-class vacation amenities include a man-made beach with clubhouse and a lake with a charming wedding chapel. ‘Artventure’ facilities include a sports park, flavor park, and art park with museums designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects.

CLC Century then partnered with Trails Solutions Inc., a company dedicated to building world-class mountain bike parks and pump tracks around the country, to make the trail more conducive to semi-professional mountain biking and a permanent fixture in the development masterplan. Trails Solutions Inc. is the brainchild of sports enthusiast Toby Claudio with fellow mountain biking aficionados Edmund Mangaser, Vic Paterno and Agu Paiso.

“We built a trail network that showcases the natural beauty of the rolling terrain. It starts out with a relaxed section thru through a grove of mango trees and winds its way up to a hill where we built a lot of unique features that challenge riders and that they can use to practice their riding skills,” says Claudio. Claudio believes that the Batulao bike trail would be quite an experience not only for avid bikers, but for people who appreciate nature. “The best part is the section that passes through the forest where we made it a point to show off the majestic giant trees and even a portion where you pass under the trunk of a fallen tree. We also built some wooden obstacles such as bridges and berms that help riders traverse the lush terrain of the forest. There’s something for all types of riders and skill level,” Claudio added.

The Artventure: Batulao Bike Trail is brought to you by media partners ABS-CBN Sports + Action, Home Radio, Spin.ph and Pinoy Fitness.com The May 5 leg will be an invitational event, while May 12 will be open to all interested biking enthusiasts. Event registration fee is at P1,500 inclusive of a dri-fit shirt, biker hydration kit, bib, and certificate. An early bird rate of P800 is being offered until April 22, 2018.
Registration starts on March 29, 2018.


Distribution of Biker Kits
Medical Clearance (optional); Sign Waiver (Required)
7:30AM – 8:00AM Opening Remarks & Bike Trail Briefing
8:00AM Side Activities for Non-bikers, Kids
Batulao Artscapes home models open for viewing
10:30AM Event Closing Remarks
Trail Finishers are given Certificates
10:30 – 12NN Side Activities still open
12:00NN onwards Trails can be repeated
*Event Egress: latest at 5PM



Thank you to all our Artventurers for making the Bike Trail Event at Batulao Artscapes a memorable one!

While many of you were able to attend the event and claim their kits, there were others who were unable to make it for various reasons.

For unclaimed Biker’s Kits, you may have them picked up at the address below:

DATE: Starting May 21, 2018 – Weekdays, from 10AM to 3PM
WHERE: Communications Department, 21st Floor Pacific Star Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. or. Makati Ave. Makati City

Please look for: Jonathan or Anthony

Experience the expansive land of Batulao Artscapes before everyone else! Join the ARTVENTURE 2018 Bike Trails at Batulao Artscapes this May! Our maiden Batulao biking event is the ultimate test of agility, concentration, endurance and athleticism that will challenge beginner, intermediate and professional bikers alike, thanks to its topography, composed of rolling terrain, hills, and natural forest.

Show off your biking skills in three (3) exciting mountain trails with easy, intermediate, and expert difficulty levels. Bring the entire family as we also offer fun side activities for kids with a mini off-road bike trail, gear talk and clinics, a giant jenga, and giant ker-plunk game! Plus, exciting raffle prizes await!

This event is not a race. You can keep track of your own time. Ride and experience first-hand the Batulao Bike Trails!

Registration and Payments are now CLOSED. If you have registered before and wish to pay for your Biker’s Kit, fees of P1,500 apply. All payments must be settled today, May 4, 2018.

Kindly refer to Process Payment steps.

  • Process Payment *

    1. If you have previously registered online and would like to settle your payment, please see the following steps

    Bank Name: BDO Unibank Inc.
    Account Name: Century Limitless Corporation
    Account No.: 3568-043-687
    Address: Pacific Star- Makati Branch, Ground floor Sen Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Makati Ave.

    2. Pay P1,500.00 via online transfer or bank deposit through a BDO Unibank near you until May 4, 2018 only.

    3. Scan or take a picture of the deposit receipt with your full name. Make sure that all details are readable.

    4. Send a copy of the deposit receipt with your full name to info@batulaoartscapes.com You should get a confirmation email and SMS from us.

    For inquiries call us at 0917-5555274 or email us at info@batulaoartscapes.com


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    We have improved the design of the jersey or biker shirt, as well as the bag to a sleeker and cooler design! You will be provided with a number bib (for monitoring purposes) and and an event map. Water and banana will be provided after you finish the trails.

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